In the main feature Tawai, Bruce takes us on a journey to discover why we have created the types of societies that we live in today. During this journey we learn that practices such as meditation may have been created over time to bring humankind back to a way of being that reflected our more connected and empathic hunter-gatherer origins.

In this additional featurette, Bruce invites his brother Duncan to share with him another tool or practice that has a similar outcome - a practice which he first discovered while making documentaries with the BBC - the Amazonian medicinal brew, ayahuasca.

But as we shall see, in order to begin the process of self-reflection and healing that Bruce believes is so necessary in the world today, it is also important to know that the journey, while ultimately beneficial, is seldom an easy one.


About Ayahuasca (from the ICEERS website)

Ayahuasca is a decoction of different botanical species originating from the Amazon region. For centuries, the indigenous populations have utilised this botanical mixture in their rituals for healing and divination. Today, ayahuasca is used all over the world for religious, therapeutic and personal growth purposes. Click here for more information about Ayahuasca.


If you're interested in taking Ayahuasca, please read the following...

The use of ayahuasca is expanding increasingly in occidental society. References to ayahuasca appear more and more frequently on the Internet and other media. However, it is difficult to find objective information about the potential risks and benefits associated with its use, and what you can expect when choosing to participate in a session. Here you find information that is aimed to help you make responsible decisions, reduce risks and maximise potential benefits. Please continue reading for more information about taking Ayahuasca.