Marilyn monk

Marilyn Monk is Emeritus Professor of Molecular Embryology at University Collage London, having retired in 2004. She began her career at the University of Edinburgh, joining the Institute of Child Health at UCL in 1974.

Her academic research has explored the mechanisms of DNA replication and repair, cell signalling and the regulation of gene expression through a process called epigenetic modification. Her work has also investigated how epigenetic changes influence cancer development and has led to clinical advances in early cancer detection and assisted reproduction. During her career Marilyn was also an Honorary Professor at University of Melbourne and Adjunct Professor at Monash University in Australia, as well as a co-director of The Scientific and Medical Network from 2008 to 2014.

In addition to her biological research career she has an interest in philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality and is also an Alexander Technique Instructor.