Who is Iain McGilChrist?

Iain is a psychiatrist and writer. He read English at New Collage, Oxford and was awarded a Prize Fellowship at all souls College, Oxford, teaching literature and pursuing research interests in philosophy and psychology. Following this he trained in Medicine, receiving two further fellowships to All Souls Collage. He worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist of the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley NHS Trust in London and as a Research Fellow in neuroimaging at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA.


Iain McGilChrist

Part 1 Hemispheric differences in Processing

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Iain explains more about how the left and right hemispheres process information differently, highlighting some of the research evidence that has informed his views, as well as how these differences in processing can influence the construction of our societies & systems.


Part 2: Attention & Perception

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Iain explains how attention and perception are constructed by the brain. Bruce and Iain also discuss how life experiences and cultural norms influence what we pay attention to and influences our perceptions of reality.

Richard Wilkinson

Part 1: Social Inequality & Health

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Richard Wilkinson explains research exploring the effects of social inequality on health and wellbeing.


Part 2: Creating Social Equality

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Richard Wilkinson and Bruce discussing how economic inequality is created or reduced with different political approaches

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